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About the Chamber

Welcome to the Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce, celebrating 30 years of supporting our residents and the business community in Schoharie County.  At the heart of every local economy and the backbone of the nation’s economy, you will find a Chamber of Commerce.  The Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce focuses on a broad range of events and programs that provide Advocacy,Education and Economic Growth to support its businesses and the community.  When you are looking for information or a way to be connected in Schoharie County, look no further, because the Chamber has something for everyone.  Together we can continue to make Schoharie County the best place to live, work and play!

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Mission Statement

The Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business people and other leaders working together to advance the general welfare and prosperity of our community through our endeavors with business, including agriculture, education, government, and tourism.

2020 Officers

Bobbi Ryan, President
Jamie Casterlin, Vice President
Shannon Almy, Secretary
Eric Efthimiou, Treasurer
Full board slate will be posted soon. Please check back!