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Sterling Insurance Company

Corporate Member

Since 1895, the mission of Sterling Insurance Company has been to provide unexcelled service and sound insurance protection to its policyholders. And for over a century, we’ve delivered on our promise. In our first one hundred years, we’ve succeeded by doing two things exceedingly well. First, we’ve built a solid financial base on which our policyholders can rely. Our reserves and investment strategies are designed to assure that we can always meet our obligations. Second – and of equal importance – we strive to build solid relationships with those whom we work: our policyholders; our agents; our employees; and the community in which we live and conduct business. This has given us a direct and personal understanding of the needs and goals of our business partners.

Today, we bring to our work a commitment to the principles of our mission statement that only a century of experience can provide. A century of insuring people against loss. A century of helping people rebuild. A century of participating in the growth and progress of our community.

There really is no secret to our success, except perhaps that of standing solidly behind the services we provide. And that, after all, is what we think unexcelled service and sound insurance protection is all about.

We look forward to building a strong relationship with you.

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