June 15, 2018 7:00 pm

Old Stone Church (Presbyterian)

125 Church St., Esperance, NY 12066

Come see the play that all your neighbors will be talking about! Based on a play that was performed by Esperance Youth Sunday School in 1937, Willard Martin has modified the show to “Esperancize” it, having the characters take on the names of those who played the parts in 1937. The story revolves around the village people’s efforts to get Chet married in order to hopefully solve the problem of having him resign from the fire department, as his antics have a detrimental effect on the department. The show has an unpredictable ending…come see for yourself. There are two showings: 7 pm on Friday, June 15th, and 2 pm on Saturday June 16th. Tickets at the door-$10. Fundraiser for Esperance Bicentennial.